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Spam Container

04 Apr

Spam Container free software download

Spam Container can look at the emails before you get them to look for known words and phrases and automatically trash them if they exist, it can look for words such as medication, viagra, sex and any others you care to add. However if the email is from a known good sender it will not be analyzed allowing your friends and colleagues to email you without being censored.

Spam Container holds email from unknown addresses in a holding area without going into your inbox so they can be reviewed, banned or allowed based on your own personal preferences. Many people subscribe to mailing lists and some people even find some spam interesting, these can be always allowed, allowed once or banned depending on your own criteria.

There are no delays in delivery for an allowed email address and the email will be checked and passed straight through to your inbox, unknown emails will be put in a holding area called ‘quarantine’ until you decide what to do with then. Email from banned addresses will automatically be put in the ‘trash’ bin but can be recovered if you later decide it should not be there. These areas have a user defined lifetime that can be set by the user. you can free download Spam Container 3.0 now.

>> Dowwnload Spam Container

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